by The Baudelaires

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The Baudelaires are a 4-piece from Belem, North of Brazil. "Charlie" is their debut album, released through crowdfunding efforts from bands fans, labels midsummer madness and Na Figueiredo, and EuPatrocino.


released October 18, 2013

© The Baudelaires, midsummer madness 2013


all rights reserved



midsummer madness London, UK

brazilian independent music since 1989

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Track Name: come over
C'mon girl and give me a kiss now
don't you know what I'm talking about

I hate all your friends
I won't give them time
to make amends

I would love if you would like
to come over
even though if it is just to cry
on my shoulder

I would love if you would like
like to come over
we're in love yes I can say
cause we have sex almost every day

Sometimes we tell white lies
just to run away
in the middle of the night
Track Name: arms alright
Saw you mocking me in the corner
I'm alrightx2

All these girls they knock me in the middle
All those girls they do it all the same
what they think that I don't have feeling

I know what you're saying
I know the talking
they already gave it to me

keep the sound eating pizza around
that's the best thing I can do
otherwise I'm gonna lose my hair
I need to smile just for a while
my yellow teeth have needs too
so please stop calling
you're making me blue

I don't wanna be happy
I'm alright
arms alright

I just want to be in the middle
sad and happy are all the same
what they think that I don't have feelings
Track Name: say you want me
Say you want me (uhuu)
more than anyone
say you love me (you dream too much)
I dream all the time
specially in the night

I know I'm a night crawler
but I'm also a day dreamer
sun or moon for it's alright
cause just looking in your sunshine
eyes I know it's time
to get things together

cause there's just one baby
behind these jealous eyes
good news for you, my life
cause just looking in your sunshine
eyes I know it's time
to get things together

Say you want me (uhuu)
more than anyone
say you love me (I love you so much)
I dream all the time
specially in the night
Track Name: city love
let's have a drink, have a smoke
watching our city burn like paper
waiting for the sun

just for fun,
just for fun, lovely one
just for fun, I wanna hang out with you

Our first date was embarrasing that night
and I don't want to talk about it
not this time

it's already hard to stare at your big eyes
I'm shaking inside, shaking my life

city burns,
city burns, lovely one
city burns, I wanna hang out with you

Let's go to the ocean, swim in the stars
swimming in the stars

reminds me love
city love, lovely one
reminds me love
forgotten love, lonely one
reminds me love
teenage love, cool and dumb
reminds me love, I wanna hang out with you
Track Name: vegan girls
Do you realize that you're not alone
in a solitude land?
soon you'll find out that loneliness
is a valuable friend

Then you're going to the party
cause you need a mind elation
and a girl will hear your heart breaking
on the floor in desolation
CRASH, she knows the sound

Vegan girls got a whole in the world
shut your eyes when you're heart is crying

pain's back baby so if you got the money
buy the stars and run
cause there's no such dealer where you are going
go and smole your lungs
Track Name: time
time makes you change your world
try to fix the holes that your friends done to you

mine like you used to be
makes me want to know
how strong love can be

see your eyes now in the morning
stops my mind
love can bring us two together
stop the time

everynight before I sleep
I think about the street where she lives
Track Name: oh, girlfriend
Oh, girlfriend I can't stand
the feeling of being away from you
it hurts me so getting old
you said by yourside it wouldn't be so cold

that's exactly what I thought
I'm in love with your heartx2

we live far away but always want to stay
together all the time everyday
you said we're gonna sooth the problem we're into
we'll live together we'll make throuth

that's exactly what I thought
I'm in love with your heartx2
Track Name: dear lover
Dear lover won't you come on now to me
to my shelter
here I won't set you free
here I won't set you free
here you won't be mad at me

ohhh, uhuuuuu

Dear Lily I know you look kind of lost
a penny a penny for your thoughts
and I will set you free
maybe you will be mad at me

Pain is a thing that come through all the ways
Pain is a thing that just love can contain
here you will marry me
Track Name: pam
I heard you like hanging out
with girls
in the same way I like to hang out
with girls

I don't mind that's fine
cause I heard you kissed
some guys

night time I'm on my way
than maybe I'll be burned by
your flame

It would be cool
dance with you
or just stay talking
stay talking
Track Name: teletransportation
this is a blues for you
cause you're so so far away
darling I do accept you in my heart
every every day

and then when I see you darling
after december
I know that i will darling
I will remember
our first date, sugar
I won't be late, sugar
cause our love has good timing

let me tell you something true
about about your smile
it's beautiful and never gets old
you'll always be my little

girl, thruu thruu thruu

I'll send a post card read now my post card
over the mountains I'll send my love in a post card

hey, love teletransportation now
with with you
Track Name: sad rumours of our town
Pete's alright but all the time
she wants to be together
uncle John said this won't last forever
that they won't be together
maybe in another life

sally just sent a bunch of postcards
but he didn't answer to any word of

said they won't be together
that this won't last forever
maybe in another

oh, she never answers my heartx3
cause in my heart we're so different

andro just freaked out with his girl on the phone
cause she was fighting for
reasons unknown
Track Name: bike
I'm riding the bike in the dawn
after leaving your home
and it's 02am and I'm glad that we're more
than just friends

I said I feel twisted by you
cause I'm writing you songs like a fool
now it's 03am and time goes fast
when we're more than friends
wouldn't it be nice to wake with you in the bed

your silhoutte's like a flame
that burns my sight drives me insane
I love the red one it says come on boy
let's have some fun

I'm looking all over town for someone to talk about
about about you
oh, how I hate to fall in love
cause I can't have you all the time

baby you're driving me crazy
and it feels so good
it heels so good

your hair is so long
make me wanna write songs
about about you
beautiful beautiful

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