Hay Fever

by Mr Spaceman

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1. (I know not) What tomorrow will bring (Regis Damasceno/Julia Debasse) Lay down on the bed or have yourself another round instead Rest your drunken head against my chest, my love I'll be by your side, I'll see you through this long and weary night I know the sun won't find your open eyes, my love Your body is broken The curse is lifted All your sins will be forgiven God is waiting by the door But let Him wait awhile And let us see your smile once more A nurse leans over him, she brings him paper and a nip of gin The lights are fading out, it won't be too long now And so the poet's gone, but no poet ever died alone They sin beneath their words and then rise up like birds
Time's up 03:00
2. Time's up (Regis Damasceno) Oh, tell me if your brand new love will last 'till Sunday See the clouds are falling down, today is not Monday or Tuesday Oh, smell the smoke it turns you on at least your old brain Watch the buildings growing up while you're shaving or sleeping again Can you give me help? Can you make me smile again? It would be nice Go on and on and on and on again
3. All that wasted time (Regis Damasceno/Julia Debasse) Stars are bursting as we speak, tell me what this is about The world is leaning into me, I'm afraid and might give out Sitting on my lonely room, I think it's time to change the sheets Something keeps me pushing through, the rain and the pain the blaze the sleet I've built an altar with the matches that I used to light The cigarettes I smoke while waiting But now I found myself regretting, now I found myself All that wasted time, all that wasted time, all that wasted time
4. Time has come (Regis Damasceno) Time has come but time has gone And I couldn't see the sunshine Glad to say there's one way To feel good about the future So kind of you to ask to leave behind the past But if you never seemed to care Although it takes so long to make myself feel strong I'd rather rest my mind (heart) instead Say hello before you go Don't look back if you can't stand Go away, you shouldn't stay Time has told me not to cry
5. River flows (Regis Damasceno) Beyond the rain above the sky there is a place Where everything is full of joy and grace Beyond the moon up in the space there is a place Just talk a walk and rest your feet then you'll fly You never know what to expect Beneath the clouds somebody is waiting for the sun That shines so bright and make you blind And if you're tired of being patient let it go Across the river running down in the flow Of all the things that never end
6. The dreams I wish you had (Regis Damasceno/Daniel Pessoa) Fill my glass empty my soul just one night I sure don't know Kiss my lips lies I throw, where is the light? I sure don't know There's always freedom in your eyes But you come to me and say But you come to me and say: "Please get out of my way, I don't want you to stay, take me to the fountain 'cos I really have to drink the dreams I wish you had, but life reserved to me" But you come to me and say…
The Battery 04:23
7. The battery (Regis Damasceno) Do you believe in all that you see? The more you live the less you know I heard you say in a gentle way: "How can this be a happy day? No way… When everything is so sad and so gray…" How can you be this closer to me? Let's wait and see The moving clouds and a fresh wind It's not so cold but here comes the rain again The perfect way to keep yourself sane Sun, you're so strange to me Set me free Turn off the heat, the battery But no more hot (hard) days like these
The Wizard 04:03
8. The wizard (Regis Damasceno/Daniel Pessoa) Hey you, listen up: I saw the wizard Then I got this letter from no one Once I read it my soul felt the fever Then I found out of a sudden alone Hey you, can you help to find my sister? Sister, where the hell did you go? Believe me I talked to the wizard And he told me what I didn't know Oh, Lord give me one last sunny hour An please send me a clue to find the way Take away from those dark clouds, give me power To understand what the wizard had to say
Sing Along 04:34
9. Sing along (Regis Damasceno/Mário Quinderé) Now the show came to the end And you needn't hide yourself from me Now's the time to grow up Well, I gave up, that's enough There are reasons to be glad There's a place and time for us, you said I have heard too many words Words of winter, words of love Sing along, this ain't no sad song Sing along this song Sing along, this ain't no sad song Sing along this song


Regis Damasceno's solo project reaches its 3rd album. Released in 2013, "Hay Fever" has 9 new songs.

Besides Mr Spaceman, Regis plays with many brazilian acts such as Cidadão Instigado, Marcelo Jeneci, The Mockers, Gui Amabis, Pélico, Guizado.

©Regis Damasceno



released August 15, 2013


all rights reserved



midsummer madness London, UK

brazilian independent music since 1989

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