Looking for the Big Star

by The Baudelaires

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“Looking for the Big Star” é nome do novo e terceiro álbum do quarteto de powerpop paraense The Baudelaires. O álbum tem 11 faixas divididas em composições de toda a banda. Dessa vez, o baterista Bruno Oliveira e o baixista Marcelo Damaso também são autores, assinando 4 das 10 composições do disco. As outras ficaram a cargo da dupla Andro Baudelaire e Marcelo Kahwage, responsáveis por todas as composições dos álbuns anteriores que ganharam os fãs do estilo (powerpop) que acompanham a banda.

As músicas “Congratulations on your decision to become a pilot”, “About the sky” e “When you’re not mine” lançadas como singles, já apontam o novo caminho que a sonoridade da banda aponta nesse próximo trabalho.

Depois de uma temporada morando nos Estados Unidos, Andro retornou com uma penca de canções na mala e a experiência em produzir. “Looking for the Big Star” é totalmente gravado e produzido por Andro e conta com a mixagem e masterização do goiano Gustavo Vasques.


released November 15, 2017


all rights reserved



midsummer madness London, UK

brazilian independent music since 1989

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Track Name: Lost in Place Lost in Time
lost in place lost in time
is it day or is it night
I'm drowning in the sea
I'm fishing for happiness
but my bate isn't fresh
I'm down on my knees
fishing in the sea

there's nothing wrong with me
I am ajar so bring
the illness of the century
I'll take half of it
I know sometimes you cry in the middle of the night
what's left to lose there's nothing left to lose

the night ain't over
but you've got to let it go
forget your clover
all your medicines violins
take them to your casket
medicines violins
taken from the basket
Track Name: Feelings
when I was younger
I used to go to the park
in every corner easily fell in love

and on the weekends
hanging out with my dad
remember christmas
when he gave me the best gift

and all these feelings
all these feelings coming around

and I would like to have you all the time
memories good to remind
always kiss me before say goodbye
in the car

when I first met you
I feel in love at first sight
an ondinary became an unforgetable night

I saved ya from that jerk from the bar
but all I wanted was driving you home in my car
and kissed you there
Track Name: Last Man on Earth
I should have scaped with life
of the mess of the world
I shouldn't have been
fake all the time

I like to control my mind
and never change the mood
of the things I know I failed

I've been living with the stars
in heaven above us
and I know it's not too late to get down

she just can't wait to see me coming through the fog
she cant believe in her eyes
and now I'm waiting I am waiting to fly
to fly to fly
back home
Track Name: Lost Ana
C mon c mon all night
Turn on turn on the lights
I am gazing through your Window

So long so long being insane
Jerome Jerome Mary Jane
sleeping through my fingers

Her picture reminds me Lost Ana
Maybe It was my father's girl

Spit it spit It spit It out
Enough kepping ALL to yourself
I'm a tomb for all your secrets

C mon c mon all night
turn off turn off the lights
they're gazing through our window

look fireflies following kites
never thought I'd see it, darling
I'll turn to stone I'll be alone
until you kiss me darling
I won't get on top
Track Name: About the Sky
here we stand all together
no matter the weather
that is coming for you

all the boys are back in town
the girls are out
we're gonna meet you there

he's my brother
don't you mess with him

I know a girl named sunshine
everynight she sings me lullabies
about the sky

take this token of love
breath in than breath out
soon we'll all be laughing together
don't you worry it's only after midnight
Track Name: When You're Not Mine
I sleep all day and wake up at night
tasting your lips it burns like fire

oh, I'm just a believer
trying not to fall and leave her
everyone knows about you and I

living your life everyday I
waste my time when you're not here
how could I live in somewhere
when you're not mine
Track Name: Your Eyes
your eyes reflect the darkness of the night
your eyes are everything I got inside
your eyes they stood by the side of me
your eyes they look at me so tenderly

sometimes I feel the world around me fall
cause you you are the only thought at all
I know for sure this dream will always last
let's try to ever make beat this fast

take me
my world without isn't happy

my world without isn't happy
Track Name: Melody
That melody
why It can't be me?

floating around through the waves of the radio
one more time, babe
let go

try try to find you
one more and let it go
drink one more and let it go
Track Name: Vampire Movies
How I wanted to call you
let's drink some cuba libra in my room
listening to music
smiths, queen and the cure

sitting by the fire
smoking getting higher
watching vampire movies

Freddie, how I wanted to have your voice
so I could take this girl on a date
in my rolls royce

birthday girl, let's cook some disaster
listening all afternoon to the albuns that
make our hearts beat faster
and crying
Track Name: Clean Old Coats
you leave this broken bed
and take your long way home
just to see if your parents are there
as if they care a lot

I drive all night under
the empty sky
I set my dreams
just to see

I wanna see you got over me
and then the telephone
I wanna see you got over me
I am trying to hide the I
see the world we're in

you left a bloody dead rose
with a note I could not read
and now you're living all over me
and then september is gone
you're living all over me

try to get some word from my speech
and but me a brand new home

I can't breath I can't speak
I can't be the old me
all my friends

Although it's my favorite one

you leave this broken bed
and take your long way home
just to see if you're parents are there
to take some clean old coats

I drive all night
under the empty sky
I set my dreams
just to see

I wanna see you got over me

and then the radio's on

see you got over me

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