Songs From The Hypnagogic Cave

by Electric Lo Fi Seresta

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SPLEEN AT THE CORE take me on this fading all night long spleen at the core midnight tone lights blinding sun comes with tomorrows´ doubt we fault mind in indecisions
Second Grace 03:18
SECOND GRACE we don´t mind about falling grace modern world is a faceless face living just to wash your hands is a future without a near today guiding lines from a heaven´s sake clouds could be a way I see my sons celebrating peace as two angels before the grace we don´t mind about the falling grace modern world is a faceless face
(BALLAD OF) ISLAND´S DARK PARK I just tell you that I want to take me home I don´t want to see the sun alone We just fell in a moment of this song I don´t like all those faces in the phone I just tell you there´s something to be done ´cos I want to see you coming home We just fell in a torment in Hong Kong I just like all those bats in a drone
KISSING BATS LIKE THE DRONES Somehow it empties the crystal day brow cow reentering the lonely space I drawn full circles, you can connect the stones, you saw it the line directs the raids, your queen cannot react we pray for leaders alike insects somehow, it empties the crystal day brow cow reentenring the lonely space then i´m coming home be careful with the haunts i never know spectres behind the ghosts
Gash Dance 04:21
GASH DANCE I never want to tell you about a fight I´m feeling right, I will not see you again You ´ll not tell us your foolish lies We will never be good friends again friendship is a bless when the people are a mess but not when the truth is just like a stress i´m feeling right, i do not see you again we will never be a good friend again
THIS CITY WANTS YOUR BLOOD a city wants, a city wants your blood one day we fight to live one day we fight to scum come in twilight lines come in the afternoon soothe in the soft arm turning out next moon a sunny day wants, a sunny day wants moon one day we bright a seer one night we stay up too soon
WHISPERING IN THE CROWDED RAIN maybe you don´t feel the way mob rules maybe you read more than words in a book I don´t know how to stop this train I´ve seen that movie again and again close my eyes and tell me as whispers playing a role again and again I will show you how to drop your brain I´ve seen that scene again and again close my eyes and tell me as whispers playing a role again and again
STANDING STILL I MOVE FASTER you´re coming up and down planes over sea dude, you´re a young fawn there´s a must you should breed but there´s a feel too strange heel maybe you´ll hear too under drill
SO YOU WANT TO BE A PAGAN FARMER let´s complain about these words don't know the from the blasting sword in this world hungry for fame I´m little fed up about these stupid game let´s complain about this face lombroso wants to spin your race in this fold, I can complain inertial points while I´m waiting for the rain fields, the are coming up the mass of solo strumming all the grey spinning rules round and round the laws os sun just say end of the day.
PANGLOSS GLASSES being here is a mystery close your eyes but you can see all the names in the history sunset smile and misery the face of cosmos, you and me against the voices of destiny you and I against the drill that made the bloke of politics being here is a mystery
STRAIN, STRAIN strain, forces of bloom i can see the drones feeling blue sane, i told you you don´t hear the prophets coming soon flame, forming scum i don´t want the fate lying in broom


SONGS FROM THE HYPNAGOGIC CAVE foi composto e gravado entre janeiro e maio de 2020.

Músicas & Letras: Guilherme Almeida.
Guitarras, violões, baixo e bateria eletrônica: Guilherme Almeida.

Capa por Gustavo Cockel e Tatiana Guimarães.



released July 13, 2020


all rights reserved



midsummer madness London, UK

brazilian independent music since 1989

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