Un Amor Lejos

by Verano

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show me what you feeling for me. tell me you love me again. never leave me/I can understand, our love is a matter of choice. I forget your mistakes, you can't forget my love for you. I have my dreams, I have my oaths, I have a lot of things to say to you about how I care.
Summer Love 02:27
When he says and promises me a endless love It’s just summer time He don’t love me He really don’t love me He is not my perfect love Summertime he comes to me but he doesn’t know He doesn’t love me Every summer there’s a boy who got a crush on me But I know it’ summer time He doesn’t love me He really don’t love me He is not my perfect love Summer time another fool guy but he doesn’t know He doesn’t love me
I have an idea in my head and it’s about our love I have a thing to say and perhaps you have to listen I have a love far away from here perhaps I have to leave.
i raised a tower for my heart to be close to the sky I'm looking for your star and you are not in my eyes i can't reach either the sky nor the earth
Words 03:03
Words are heavy as a mountain but it could be light like those clouds floating, floating with the wind flying like a bird in my mind but no matter how Cause things have been so much for today and we can’t leave with all this pain say why this arrows in my heart at the end of the day I will set fire on my mind Our dreams are fine days I will turn this page In a brand new day I only need some peace, some space something to heal this pain
we shuffled the order of the stars in the sky they were our guides. I lost you and you never found me. But we can’t ever stop looking for. the sky has cleared up, the sun has risen and gave us another turn, another turn...
I Rest 04:36
I rest my body from the last episode when I learned to find with you what is great in a great love adventure you and my body they knew where to go I need, I need my soul but everything that I have is with you
Marianne 02:41
marianne c'est une fille elle a un coeur de marmelade tous les hours qu'elle sourit c'est mon coeur qui est joyeux marianne marie toute souple mon souffle Marianne c'est une fille les printemps elle glisse un vol tant que les fleurs de sa bouche et c'est mon corps qui part au ciel
Loneliness 06:12
When a deep sadness get right in the heart I leave the limits of what I can be It’s like live alone Is not a hope state loneliness leave me with that I like and I only feel when I get lost in the ocean In a deep ocean This is a way for me, a way to feel fine
love (have) showed me that there are ugly and pretty things and it also showed me that your beauty hurts love hazard doesn't pay for its pain love is a risk and our love brought me bad things to feel your beauty hurts and your love killed my heart love hazard doesn't pay for its pain I believed another day that the love will survive. I believed in faith, and in the redemption of love. love hazard doesn't pay for its pain


## this Saturday, May 2nd, Verano will be live at @mmrecords_br (Instagram) - 3 PM (Brazilian Time, 7 PM London Time) ##

Verano's 2nd album
released April/ 2011

A Verano deixou dois registros gravados: o curta -metragem Stonehill Sysyphus, com seis faixas, em 2008, e o longa Un Amor Lejos, com onze, em 2011, ano do último show da banda. No comecinho de 2011, aniversário de um amigo querido. Agora, em 2020, quando esses registros chegam a outros veículos, de downloads, essas canções todas ainda guardam, principalmente, as correntes de ar de quando saíram pela primeira vez. Ar livre e espaço aberto, essas saudades.

Já Amores Lejos é como estar em uma viagem, uma festa linda, mas também como olhar o álbum de fotografias. De verão. Pode ser olhar poucas semanas depois, como era o caso quando o álbum saiu, ou passados vários anos, como agora.

A diferença é que em 2020 ver tudo isso também é lembrar de um mundo onde parecia que se podia fazer tudo. Encontrar as pessoas, alongar músculos musicais e chocar referências de baladas, valsas, folk, surf-music, jazz, música nativista. As paredes eram referência, não fortaleza.

A sensação de ir para tudo quanto é lugar era também resultado de uma série de shows e da estabilização da formação da banda. Encontrar gente era bom demais, ir nos lugares era bom demais. E de tanto irem para tudo quanto é lugar, os integrantes também acabaram indo para tudo quanto é lugar eles mesmos e a banda encerrou as atividades ali por 2011.

por Fábio "Gambitos" Bianchini


released April 30, 2020


all rights reserved



midsummer madness London, UK

brazilian independent music since 1989

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